Things are really hard

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Thankyou all for being there for me. Every single human on the planet should have bad days and if not then they are probably surviving so cautiously that they are not even living. I feel like I have given away too much information and I feel like this might have gotten me into a dangerous place. So many of you are really supportive and I would not change that for the world but this YouTube thing is a tough game- especially when it's just me managing everything. Do not worry, I probably won't delete my channel however I have deleted some videos that I feel are not up to mine/your standard and that may have given away too much personal information. I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE IF YOU DO KNOW ME OUTSIDE OF YOUTUBE (in real life) DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT ME AWAY, or if you think you know the area I live in or have seen me in a certain area, PLEASE DO NOT TELL PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE. That is a seriously dangerous thing to do.

Thankyou for all of your loving support,
Jul 22nd 2014 104 Comments
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1 weeks ago
holynex"And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." ;)
1 weeks ago
ohhhshitsonhas something happened? 
1 weeks ago
randomxxdinosaurI'd miss your personality and videos if you left but I'd understand and
respect your decision either way. Your concerns about being "out there"
online are completely valid so you do what you feel is best. Hope you're
1 weeks ago
craz3ableIf you feel like your personal life is threatened because of this channel,
don't keep it. The last thing we all want is for you to be hurt one way or
another because of it. Stay positive, and take care! What you do is great
and I enjoy your videos, but don't let it ruin your personal life :)
1 weeks ago
Heather FeatherHey there lovely. I understand how you're feeling. Things can be really
daunting and intimidating, and it's sometimes scary to think about all the
"what ifs." I wish I could tell you that those feelings and concerns will
disappear, but they might not. All I can offer, is that you should do what
will make you happy. You have made a beautiful and effective channel, and
I for one would miss it very much if it were to disappear---however, I
would completely respect whatever decision you made because you are
ultimately who has to live with all those feelings. You're a great person,
and you deserve good things, and you have my support no matter what you
decide to do. 
1 weeks ago
JammsbroI've been subbed to you for ages. DO NOT DELETE YOUR CHANNEL. You are
liked, loved and wanted on here. We all look forward to what you share with
us, be it asmr or anything else.
I am serious it would be a huge loss to the community and I know for a fact
that we would all feel a personal loss if you went away.
You are part of a bigger family and we would all definetly miss you :):):)

One last edit, I've never wanted to give someone a hug so much in my life.
1 weeks ago
DunzeeWell.. why not just delete some of the vids you feel give away too much?
It's not like someone dropped a molodox cocktail on you right? and as for
the "us relying on you" thing. you understand that this is in no way shape
or form a job and that you can upload and delete videos as many times as
you feel necessary? I've watched all your videos and to be honest all I
know about you is that you are 16 and that you live in Australia. That's
it. I'm really sorry you feel this way and I hope you feel better but just
think of how happy and peaceful you made 20000 people feel. That's gotta
feel good somehow right?
1 weeks ago
retropokeEven if you don't make any more videos, please leave your channel up.
People enjoy your videos.
1 weeks ago
JessicaBleezyTurn the comments off... The weirdos even make me cringe.
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